Friday, 4 August 2017


NEW ORLEANS- Was the most amazing places to visit. Initially I wasn't that into the idea because I didn't know much about the place, apart from all the information Danny had told me about it. It was incredible, sadly we didn't get to leave 'Beale Street' though as we just drank solidly for our time there, but isn't that what your meant to do on holiday...?

It did have this strange ora about it though, I don't really know how to describe. Maybe because there were copious of voodoo stores and people wanting to read your palm left right and centre. Anyone doing a tour, tripping around the US should 100% try and pop to New Orleans and experience a night out there; It was truly wild and such a great vibe.

Top: Zara (Super old) 
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Marc Jacobs
Socks: Topshop


MEMPHIS- Again I didn't know what to expect in Memphis... We travelled on the AMTRAK train which took 8 hours. Although It was probably the easiest 8 hour journey ever surprisingly. The seats were huge and the scenery was out of this world; at one point we were going through the craziest marshland that I didn't even know existed. Crazy.

Of course being in Memphis we had to go and visit Elvis's house, the decor again something most obscure in some of the rooms. Walking around his personal space and looking through many of his costumes was quite an experience. Kind of odd though going through his house, you kind of feel like your invading his space. I think it's actually quite refreshing to go and do things like this when travelling around and not just sitting on a beach 24/7, saying that I do love doing that as well.

We were in Memphis for 2 nights and that was defiantly enough time, everything was quite spread out so we were having to uber to each different location we wanted to visit, which was slightly annoying but couldn't be helped. Visiting the Lorraine Motel where MLK Jr was killed had to be done whilst in Memphis, that area again had a odd feel about it, I mean so much history happened there; so it probably would! 

-When in Memphis we stayed in an Airbnb with a really cute women as hotels there are hard to find and super pricey.

Top: Shein
Shorts: Levis
Belt: YSL
Shoes: La Moda
Sunglasses: Asos
Watch and Necklace: Marc Jacobs
Hat: Nike


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