Thursday, 15 June 2017


I made this post a few weeks and never got round to posting it. I wanted to share some of the amazing food-related places that I have been visiting whilst in the city. I picked these three as they are all totally different from one another and super cool in different ways.

This has to be the most imstagrammable place I have ever visited.. everything is colourful, pink and amazing. This a cute Matcha cafe right by my work in Soho. It was on my list to visit because I had seen tons of bloggers post pics of it and I had too see what its like for myself. I know Matcha is massive thing atm, its okay it you don't like the taste though... They have the most incredible matcha lemonade- which on a hot day is the most refreshing thing ever. Whenever I walk past there are always queues outside the front. They have cakes/fro-yo's (also matcha enhanced of course too) A definite visit for sure right here, Once you've tried their lemonade you will want to go back everyday though...
So, we went to big daddy's when we were all hungover one Sunday and it was the best decision, although we were rolling ourselves out after. We all ordered the milkshakes, which are a meal in themselves! I chose oreo, its my go to safe option and never lets me down. Followed by the chicken sandwich. Which was equally amazing, Unfortunately though I don't have a picture of it, so deciding to share on of the pancakes that you can get from there! I am such a lover of pancakes and will have those next time for sure. This has to be my favorite brunch place I have visited, it was all American cheesy diner that you would expect!
I'm such a lover of a salad bar, hands down New York has the best salad bars I have EVER been too. They are all so amazing and super healthy and the choices are out of this world. BY CHLOE has to be my top one though, the salad I love from here is the 'Spicy Thai' (pictured above) Not to mention its a vegan salad bar and the 'fake beef' in the spicy thai salad is amazing! I think its nicer than real beef, its that good! The salads from here are huge and so flavorsome and the chipolata omg its out of this world, I want to take it back to London.

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