Monday, 8 May 2017


Luckily I have a few outfit posts we shot before I left for NY, as I haven't managed to take any whilst being here yet. These pictures were taken on the hottest day in London... the WORST combination for pleather trousers. I've seen loads of people/bloggers wearing this top from Zara/others similar recently. The concept of it it really cute with the wrap tie detail- haven't actually seen much of this over in the states yet. To be honestly, I haven't really had a chance to go shopping and I'm beginning to have withdrawals. Defiantly need to add a shopping trip into my work schedule this week! I've been looking on the zara site briefly to see whats new, although I want to try and stay away from Zara over here and see what funky, one off stores I can find where ever I go... I doubt it will last long though, Zara is like a vortex always drawing me back too it when I try and stay clear!

And of course another NYC post coming too, finally in my new flat and feeling so much comfortable living here, loving every minuet of it! Having a chilled Sunday doing boring house work and laying in a food coma after visiting a diner for lunch earlier. I shall defiantly add the info on the place in my nyc post, as its a must visit for everyone in the city.

p.s I know part of my hanger strap is on show in some of the pictures and wanted to share the frustration when sometime like this happens, or when the back of a necklace swings around and ruins the picture!!

Top: Zara
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: La Moda
Sunglasses: Quay

Photographer: Danny Radis

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