Tuesday, 16 May 2017




I honestly can't believe I have been in New York for over a month already... time is flying by. There hasn't been a moment where I'm doing nothing/ not eating something massive/covered in peanut butter or chocolate. The city just has so much to offer, its so hard to choose what to do!

Just a few pictures here to show the sites that I see daily when i'm working/ running all over mid-town delivering and picking up bits and bobs. The fabric and trim shops over here are nothing like I've seen before. The choice and selection literally runs all over London and I NEVER thought i'd say that!

The food and coffee.. this is where all of my money goes, and of course cocktails and clothes too.. It's the type of place where you don't want to hold back because you think to yourself 'your only here doing this once so just ham on everything' and I've been trying to do that with all that the city is offering.

Whats been my favourite parts so far I ask myself? Probably the staff sample sale at work, I naughtily brought myself two Marc Jacobs handbags for a crazy cheap price. I know I didn't need two, although it was probably still cheaper than buying one from a highs street shop! Not to mention all of the stuff I picked up for family and friends, I think I need a whole suitcase for the things I brought. I also LOVED 'big daddys' diner, it was amazing yet horrible. We were left so full and practically rolling about of the place. ( I will be doing a mini blog list on foodie places) Especially when your hungover, its the perfect place to spend a Sunday lunch. If you go there, you have to get the oreo milkshake, it was amazing to say the least.

The image of the pink diner I took has literally been spanning my instagram with bloggers posting pictures of it and I happened to be walking past it when I was out working during the day, turns out its right around the corner from me. It's the most instagrammable building I think I've ever seen! Its so pink and perfect.

I feel so lucky to be in the city for the Comme exhibition, going there was so amazing and seeing the garments up close was super interesting and inspiring. If you live in London and visit Dover Street Market you would have seen a lot of the garments as they have been on display there before.  Still, seeing the work all in the same room at the Met Museum was another thing ticked off the list to do whilst here.

There's so much to do here, even though I'm here for 3 months I doubt ill have time to do everything that I want to; I've got a food list as long as my arm, not to mention the endless bars and desert places the needed to crossed off too.

The next thing I want to do on my list is Brooklyn Flea market, its on every Sunday 'DUMPO' (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) Basically: under Brooklyn bridge. This is my must do for the weekend and the weather is meant to be beautiful, considering this weekend was raining so heavy words can't describe. There are tons of vintage stores here, so good and cheap. My aim its to try and buy at least one thing in everyone that I go to and build a good collect of vintage clothes from in and around the city. Then again I need to remind myself how am I going to get all of this stuff home....


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