Monday, 24 April 2017


So I've survived my first week in NYC!!! I must admit for the first couple of days I was a complete bewildered soul, I mean, I still am. But I feel I have some basic knowledge of at least how to get to work now without getting horribly lost.
New Yorks is all that you think and more, coming here I didn't really know what to expect. I know i'd be working during the days and thats all I really thought to myself before embarking on the terrifyingly exciting adventure. I want to do everything thats happening and only be in my apartment to sleep and get ready, I want to see all that New York has to offer, both cheesy and touristy/ yet urban and cool at the same time. I'd say I'm doing pretty well so far.

Coney Island: An hour out from the city and you're on a beach, its the most strange yet wonderful feeling, swapping the skyscrapers and beeping taxis for sunshine, hot dogs and the sand. What more could you want right?

Avenues, streets and the subway.... If it wasn't for city mapper I would be a lost person forever, thank god for iPhones. I love not having to take the tube to work and hear people moaning when the tubes 1 minuet away, or there isn't enough space for them to read the paper. I guess there probably is that here, however I walk to work which is a really nice change.

Visited the cutest brunch places on Sunday in Queens called 'Queens Comfort'. It was all everything cheesy and I doubt there was anything on the menu that didn't come covered in syrup or dripping in sugar. It was the american brunch heaven, to top things off it was BYO booze with no corkage! So if your ever in nyc, its  a must go for brunch. You can be queuing for some time, its totally worth it though.

More to come on what I get up too this week, going to try and photograph everything that I eat/do thats out of the ordinary/ please suggest any places that are a must to visit/eat!


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