Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Balloon Pink

For the past few weeks I have banned myself from wearing/buying any pink in my outfits, as my Instagram was just becoming full of pink posts and it needed a break from the colour! I don't actually like the colour pink, but theres something about it that I'm seriously loving at the moment. I think its the millions of colour shades that come under the colour of 'pink'. So this week I freed my mind and brought this pink jumper from Zara. Its got so much going on in the sleeves, its fabulous. Theres so many rules that come with the colour pink, can't wear with red, can't do this, can't do that.... Who even decided these understated rules? Whenever Ive been shopping recently tons of pink garments are hung near/next to red ones and I think the colour clash of a strong red and soft pink looks so interesting and I can't wait to wear the colours together in summer.

I picked up these jeans when I was in Bershka the other day and thought they were really fun with the side eye detail, I don't normally wear jeans. In fact I don't actually own a pair of jeans, nor have I worn jeans this colour in forever. I tend to stay well clear of jeans, especially your typical blue ones as I find them incredible boring.. However, the eyelets and tie details sold if for me with these, making them an exception I guess.

Jumper: Zara (Cant find online, but instore!)
Trousers: Bershka
Sandels: La Moda
Socks: Missguided

Photographer: Danny Radis 

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  1. In the year of 2017. People around me suddenly begin to hang out with casual mini dress.I'm feeling curious and suspicion at the moment:"Is this a thing now?"And here's my thoughts after research and the dress that I bought.


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