Thursday, 29 December 2016


I worked 3 days at the McQueen sample sale this season. I got to experience the madness first hand and see what people are like for a huge fashion bargain. 

The first day and the last were the busiest, people just panic buying even if the clothes/shoes didn't fit..

Watching people grab and drag the clothes around kind of took all of the class and high-fashion out of the clothes. Shoes were being kicked around, none had any respect for the garments because they were on sale. Its like they forgot that the clothes were still Alexander McQueen and still reasonably expensive. 

There were items I had my eye from the first day, I was told this was a rocky sample sale idea and I should never become attached to things in case they go. Although I become instantly attached to pair of nude trainer which had python skin on them. There were only 2 pairs, both my size and none was picking them up. I said to myself if they were there on the last day they had to be mine. It came to the start of the last day and someone grabbed them before me, I was so sad. However, needed to remind myself it was only a pair of trainers.... 

The last day of the sale was like a jumble sale, it really showed people trues colours. Customers were arguing and shouting over a scarf or a pair of shoes. 

Throughout the sample sale I was luckily enough to be given some really cool one off McQueen pieces. I got given the ankle boots above, which are super rock n roll and very out there. I also got a card holder and leather bracelet, which I had been looking at since I was 18. I also managed to get 2 pairs of trousers and a deconstructed sleeveless jacket, which I also love. I don't have any pictures of theses items, ill use them in outfit posts in the next coming weeks for sure. 

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