Sunday, 15 January 2017


 First post of the year!! Been back at work for a week and it feels like I never left... I haven't taken enough pictures at work this week to do a weekly post of what I've been up too, so ill just do a double one next week! I tried to shoot another outfit this weekend too, however the weather beat and it was crap all weekend unfortunately.

This outfit is featuring one of the Kenzo x HM jumpers that I managed to get. Its actually my boyfriends, although I love wearing it! Its got soo much detail on it, functioning zips on the sleeves that actually undo, making the sleeves various lengths.The tiger image on the front is completely embellished, which actually I thought was printed when I purchased it- this makes the jumper v heavy though. Paired the jumper with this suede coat that my aunt gave me and these 'mum' jeans which are, quite literally my mum's jeans. They have a really easy straight fit, I wear them with a belt as they are rather large for me. I don't own any jeans so go for these every so often.

Coat: Marks and Spencer
Jumper: HmxKenzo
Shirt: Zara
Trousers: Marks and Spencer
Boots: Zara
Hat: New look 

Photographer: Danny Radis


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