Sunday, 11 December 2016


Its been the sample sale this week, so I've been out of the studio for the past few days and experiencing the madness of the McQueen sample sale. People go crazy, grabbing clothes and panic buying.. 

Besides from that, I haven't been too majorly busy in the studio. We are now preparing everything that needs to be done for 'Main SS 18' collection before everyone goes off on their christmas holidays. Its so odd sorting out all the fabrics and inspiration for fashion that will be in stores in spring next year and how far in advanced the fashion industry has to be. 

Im SO excited to have a long old break over christmas and lounge around and do not much at all, hopefully be able to blog some more outfits if the weather is good enough. We have the McQueen Christmas party this friday, that's held at a venue that I have always wanted to go. So, I'm really excited to visit there and see what it's really like! (I shall take as many pictures as I can and share them all.) All I can say is that it has a swimming pool on the roof of its building.

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