Tuesday, 8 November 2016


I thought I'd merge weeks 5 and 6 together, seeing as I worked through the weekend making it feel like it was one prolonged week, rather than two anyway!

It has been manic recently in the studio with both women's and men's hand-over's taking place, where everything needed to be done in time and sent off to the right locations the world. 

I had to photograph this faux 'Leopard' fur. I was cutting a garment in it and the mess was unimaginable. I was literally eating fur for days. *Note to self- make sure if I ever use fur, that it doesn't moult everywhere*

Patterns... At least when it comes to my final year I will have a strong right hand from all the patterns I have been cutting. I probably dream about cutting patterns considering the fact that I have done it so much recently; Im sure it will be the bane of me soon :))) 

Although, last week I was given the task of replicating a really beautiful garment. The sample that I made did take roughly 2 days to to replicate, however looks good on the final garment sample. (blurred out image is the outline of what I was doing) *shame I can't show a pic.. its already left the country too*

As it Halloween last weekend, I wanted to share what we dressed up as. The original idea was Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett, however with last minuet panic and limited props left we made do with what we could find. You get the general gist of the look though! I wanted to wear a wig, even though it wasn't keeping within the theme. I love dressing up and having different, not to mention more interesting hair from time to time. Seeing as I would never be brave enough to touch my own hair! 

I think thats been pretty much everything, or what I can remember anyway!

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