Sunday, 20 November 2016


The past two weeks have probably been the most interesting throughout my internship so far. I have gained so much information about the fashion world and how a collection is sent around the world, plus what happens to the first samples of McQ's collection when it arrives in London.  Along with this giant bulk of knowledge I never knew, this week I assisted on the men's and women's lookbook photoshoots.

-  When the first samples arrive in London they are sorted out into a specific order according to a document (fts)
- Then the garments are looked over and checked and decided whether they should stay in the collection or be cancelled.
- The garments are used for lookbook shoots.
- This is the end of the collections use in London, so the whole collection is packed and boxed and sent off to NYC for showroom and various other reasons. The same procedure is repeated in Paris.
- Finally after been flown around the world the collection will be stored in Archive/ sold at sample sales the following year! (Or lost along the way, which is apparently really common)

I was never taught about this process when in uni/college, so It was very interesting to be a tiny part of this lengthy fashion loop. 

Some of the garments in the Collection coming out in about a year are to die for!!!! If only I was allowed to take pictures and share them. The shoes... are so crazy they came with a warning, they were that ridiculously high! I did try and walk in them and fell over within the first few steps at my attempt. 

On another note: I know the images above have nothing to do with what I have been talking about becuase I didn't fancy getting into that amount of trouble for sharing images of McQueens forthcoming collection with the rest of the world. 
I was so excited last week when my KenzoXHM stuff came. I ordered the orange jumper which I love, the details on it and the tiny tigers on the collar are so cute, along with the ruffle detail which really completes the jumpers look. I was lucky enough to order it in black too, I shall do an outfit post of them soon. Whenever I go to take outfit pics at the moments its always raining, its killing me! SO- I am trying but the weather keeps beating me. 

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