Sunday, 16 October 2016


How is it already Sunday night I have no idea... Sometimes I don't even know where the days go.

Have been super busy/ill at work this week, its defiantly the turning of the season making everyone ill and catch whats going around in the air at the moment. 

Thinking back I don't even know what I've done this week. We have hand over in 2 weeks, therefore everyone is franticly trying to get everything done in time, don't think I could even count how many garments I've cut out this week, its been that crazy.

Although I have learnt a new, and I'm sure very useful skill. I have learnt how to make a zip from zip tape. Previously, I used to pay someone to make them the right length for me, or i'd be limited to what zips I could buy because I had a specific measurement I needed. I think this is a skill I will always use and pass on, as its quite useful. - Middle pic in the collage is of London Trimmings: possibly the best place on the planet for all your zip and fastening needs.. Defiantly recommend it! 

I was happy and managed to squeeze in a 2 min sketch when I had a spare second at work during the week, I am going to attemped to do as many as I can to keep up my drawing ideas and thoughts. 

Hoping its not too cold this week, thats one things I hate when I get ready for work each day. The thought of getting cold sometimes overrides my fashion mind when I get ready- not wanting to be freezing during the day! (Need to dig out the big winter coats) 


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